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اللهم احسن ختامنا
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Elfatih03/01/2010 11.41.00
Assalammu Alaikom, May Allah bless Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem for his efforts and we Ask Allah that his efforts be accepted, verily Allah is the most generous.
I Just wanted to note that there is a minor error in the recitation of surat Saad, verse no.27, he forgot to mention فَوَيْلٌ لِّلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا
Please search for a another file that doesn\'t has this human error and it will be more than great. May Allah protect shiekh Muhammad Abdulkareem from all kinds of sins and guide him to the straight path and the same for all of us good muslims.
sandarosy01/12/2009 10.08.01
Gazak Allaho Khayra

Thanks a lot
Ramin02/08/2009 17.15.20
Salaam alekum brother/sister,

If you want to download Quran trough torrents, you need a little program. Its called utorrent. download it at:
its very small program and when its installed, go to and klick on: download full Quran trough torrent technique. Choose there the reciter of your choice and klick on it. then find the download button and klick on it. then you see a little screen and klick on OPEN. then the program called utorrent will open. choose the place you want to safe the Quran recitation. make sure utorrent is installed before you klick download.

Hope that helps bro/sis inshAllah.
if u got question go to my profile and klick next to my name: PM. thats sending personal message.
Salaam alekum


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